• Annual congress to elect MIM Board and President
  • Network with like-minded professionals at a variety of MIM events
  • Family events to socialize with fellow Turkish Americans
  • Common platform to share ideas
  • Support system for Turkish American students and young professionals
  • Opportunity to mentor/ support students and young professional

Qualifications for Membership

Members shall be admitted to MIM by action of the Board of Directors. MIM shall have four classes of members, as below: Full Members, Associate Members, Student Members and Honorary Members

Full Members:

Full Membership shall be open to persons in the professions of Architecture, Engineering, and Sciences. Individuals who are members of the professions other than Architecture and Engineering but who possess at least a Bachelor`s Degree in the positive and technical sciences shall be entitled to Full Membership status. Full Members in good standing shall have full voting privileges.

Associate Members:

Individuals possessing Bachelor`s degrees or higher degrees in any field may be accorded Associate Membership. (or)

Individuals with Associate Degrees or proven accomplishments in technical or engineering related occupations may be accorded Associate Membership.

Associate Members shall not have the right to vote on any matter.

Student Members:

Individuals pursuing higher education in the field of architecture, engineering and positive and technical sciences may be accorded Student Membership. Student Members shall not have the right to vote on any matter.

Honorary Members:

Individuals who have gained prominence and recognition in scientific fields and who possess demonstrated contributions in their field may be accorded Honorary Membership by recommendation of the Board of Directors and action of the General Assembly. Honorary Members shall not have the right to vote on any matter.


  • $40 full and associate members
  • Membership is free for students