“Innovation – Turks contributing to Science and Technology Globally”

March 26, 2016

Columbia University

School of Engineering & Applied Science, Davis Auditorium, Shapiro Center
500 W. 120th Street New York, NY


Dr. Refik Kortan, Program Manager at U.S. Department of Energy:

Condensed Matter Physics Research of Exciting Novel Materials

Mr. Mehmet Tugrul Tekbulut, Chairman at Logo Yazilim:

The Development and Future of the Technology Sector in Turkey, on the example of Logo Yazilim

Mr. Hasan Yasar, Tehnical Manager at Software Engineering Institute:

How to include Security into Software Lifecycle: Secure DevOps!

Dr. Cem Saraydar, Director at General Motors:

Driving the Future: Intelligent, Connected Vehicles

Mr. Mujdat Altay, CEO of Netaş:

Charting the course of R&D in Turkey

Ms. Ayse Polat, VDC Manager NY Main at Turner Construction Company:

Virtual Information into Reality by using BIM Technologies

Mr. Tuna Yelkikanat, Director at Harman Group Inc.:

Wind induced acceleration problems and Performance Based Design